Hi my name is Alex,

your creative designer and front-end developer

In 2009 when I realized that I liked web design more then IT I started my own company New Visuals. A friend of mine was programming websites and his designer stopped so that was the perfect opportunity for me. I started to do tutorials about web design to improve my skills and so I started my career in web development.

After a while I realized that I didn't only like making the designs but that I also got very interested in programming the website. Making designs would also become more fun I thought because you can create something and already think about how you'll make that with code. So late 2011, beginning 2012 I also started learning to program using HTML and CSS.

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Constantly improving my skills is what I do

Talking about your own skills is hard, because you can find that they are good while someone else thinks you still have room for improvement. Constantly learning is one of the basic things with creative design and front-end development. When you stop learning you stop moving forward in this world, so that's what I do. Learning from others and reading articles and about new techniques on the internet is the best way to keep yourself up to date. Always trying to improve my existing coding skills and to learn new by following tutorials on websites like Codeschool and Treehouse.

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HTML5 90
CSS3 90
SASS 70 %
JavaScript 40 %
Bootstrap 60 %
Git 60 %
Grunt 60 %
Scrum 50 %
Photoshop 70 %
Illustrator 60 %
Premiere 40 %
Indesign 40 %


Learning in this business never stops

Because the world of creative design and front-end development never stops improving and changing, we designers and developers also need to improve constantly. Always learning about new technologies and new ways how to make and symplify your code. Luckely there are a lot of communities and websites that teach you these new technologies and ways to improve your website.

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Keyframes, trasitions transformations and more to make the website interactive.

Competa bootcamp JavaScript

At Competa I learned the basics of JavaScript.

Road to JavaScript

Learned all the basic coding of JavaScript and the functions that you can use it for.

Assambling SASS part 1 and 2

Basics of how SASS works and what is does. Why and when you should use SASS instead of CSS.

Blasting of with Bootstrap

Use the Bootstrap framework to quickly add style and functionality to your website.


Learned the fundamentals of design, front-end development, and crafting user experiences that are easy on the eyes.

Audiovisual technician

After it I started with tv, and entertainment productions. Recording movies, edit them and design light and sound stages.

IT service employee

After high school I started with IT. Learning the basics of networks, office and assambling copmuter systems.